TarsierThis is the cute Philippine tarsier, the world’s smallest primate, and it inhabits several islands in the Philippine archipelago. These are amazing creatures. They are only about the size of an adult human fist.

According to the website a-z-animals.com, the tarsier has the biggest eye-to-body ratio of any mammal. It says each individual eye actually weighs more than their brain does. The eyes can’t rotate inside there sockets, but their heads can rotate 180 degrees in either direction. These characteristics make them well adapted for their nocturnal lifestyle.

They can also jump 40 times farther than their body length due to their elongated tarsals (ankle bones). It is from these bones that tarsier’s get their names. Their digits have pads and nails that allow them to grip very efficiently on to limbs or food. These are very cool creatures and very cute, but hard to find due to their limited ecosystem and nocturnal lifestyle.

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