Star of the Sea


A close-up look at the mouth area of a Sea Star I found in the Philippines. The hard teeth-like scales that radiate out from this area cover and protect the soft sucker feet that the star uses to move and catch food. The scales close to protect the feet when the star feels like it is threatened. I pulled this one out of the water to take a picture and it closed up fairly quickly. I think it’s neat that this area around the mouth also resembles a five-point star, the same way the overall body structure does. Of course, celestial stars are spherical so… yeah.

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  1. mediocrejoe says:

    Looks awesome. Where did you sample this sea star?

    1. Jake says:

      I don’t know if sample is the right word. I didn’t eat it 🙂 It was in the shallows of a small island near Cebu.

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