Sleeping Yoda

sleeping-yodaTell me this adorable Tarsier doesn’t look like Yoda resting on his staff… Seriously, this creature had to be the inspiration for Yoda. Found this nocturnal creature sleeping I did. In the Philippines on the Island of Bohol.

Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, releases tomorrow and I for one am stoked. I wouldn’t say I am a huge Star Wars fan. Nothing like my niece who is 7 and has star wars toys, wall art, and comforter strewn all around her otherwise very pink room. Don’t get me wrong, I like the originals, but after the disappointment of 1-3, my hopes for anything new being good went out the window. I thought the Force Awakens was decent, but there were too many familiar plots lines that found their way into what should have been a new story. The idea of Rogue One, a story that has been hinted at from the very beginning that we get to finally see on the big screen, that’s cool. The previews look awesome and once again I find myself counting down the days for this Star Wars movie. I, like so many others, hope that the experience isn’t another colossal letdown. In one day the world will know.

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