Routeburn Tweeting


This photo was taken as my wife and I traversed our second day of the Rouetburn Track in New Zealand. The thick clouds had rolled in overnight and we weren’t seeing much for the extreme effort we were expending while making our way up and over the 4,300′ pass. Then this beautiful little bird graced us with his presence. Undoubtedly used to humans for scavenging food, he came in close while we were resting on a boulder. He would cautiously approach and then hop back when one of us would move. I changed to my 100mm lens and followed him around the boulder field, snapping photos as he perched on the edge of the surrounding rocks. I find interactions like this with the native wildlife to be a lot of fun. The dreary weather unfortunately continued for our traverse that day, but I take moments like this with me long after we have left the trail.

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