Rocky Mountain Elk – Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Rocky Mountain ElkThis sleeping giant is an elk near Rocky Mountain National Park. Jake and I love going to this expansive park and seeing the herds of Rocky Mountain elk and other wildlife roam freely in their natural environment. The bugle call of an elk is very memorable. Wildlife, of course, like to venture into civilized areas as it used to all once belong to them.

Just outside Rocky Mountain National Park is a city called Estes Park, Colorado. Relaxing in the shade of trees right next to a busy road and housing is where we found this sleeping giant and his 30 friends. Most of the elk were without a care in the world beyond their naps, despite the onslaught of people edging closer for a photo. Luckily Jake’s 300-millimeter lens allows for some extra space between him and the wildlife to capture a close-up image.

Even though the edges between natural and civilized areas is growing closer, and animals are adapting to these closer encounters, wildlife are, and should be, forever wild. I’m grateful for beautiful images like this one, but also a little saddened as the border shrinks between the wild and domestic creatures a little more each day.

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