Red Sea Anemones

Red Sea AnemonesI found these gorgeous cherry-looking Sea Anemones clinging to the rocks on the secluded West End Beach of Ulva Island in New Zealand.  The beach is named West End, because it is the western most beach on the island. (Those European names are so clever and original.) When I came across these sea anemones I wasn’t entirely sure what they were. The tide was low revealing these creatures, but Sea Anemones are supposed to have tentacles, right? Turns out they pull those in when the tide goes out in order to protect themselves from drying out and to protect their vital tentacles. The shiny red creatures added a little vibrant color to an already gorgeous beach.

If you ever find yourself in New Zealand I highly recommend the trip across the Foveaux Strait to Stewart Island as it is one of the most secluded remote locations on the planet. Stewart Island’s solitude is only surpassed by a day trip to the island bird sanctuary found in its bay known as Ulva Island.

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