We just wrapped up the winter ski season here in Colorado. I prefer taking the lesser traveled Hwy 24 to Breckenridge, rather than the parking lot that is known at Interstate 70. One of the advantages of this route, other than the lower number of cars, is the surreal scenery. Along this route you can see the snow-capped mountains all around, but at one particular stretch of road you also get to drive straight through a high altitude plain where cattle and buffalo graze. For this southern country boy it was a weird site the first time I saw cattle grazing in a field covered in white.  There is also a large heard of Pronghorn that call this stretch of land home.

Pronghorns are North America’s fastest land animal and as such they like wide open spaces so they can see predators approaching. There isn’t anything on this continent they can’t outrun. I see this herd almost every time I drive this stretch of road so when I got my drone (that’s right, I bought a drone!) I knew I wanted to go see if I could get a NatGeo type of fly over on these amazing creatures. I hope you guys enjoy this snippet!

For those of you concerned, this is a 4k video that I “zoomed” in on the image by cropping. The drone wasn’t actually this close to the animals and I did not pester them. I did a single fly over and then did high altitude shots after. I didn’t want to drive any of the animals towards the road. As you can see in the video they were pretty far from the road and I approached them in a way that if I spooked them they would run away from the highway.

Music by Peter Schmidt. You can check out his work here:

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