Peaking Deer


overtherailThe Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs is one of the best local parks in the country. The rock formations and views of Pikes Peak are hard to beat.

Beyond this breathtaking landscape is a very diverse ecosystem. On many of my visits to the park the wildlife has been the star. I have watched the sunrise with big mule deer nearby, seen large migrations of birds that seemed to go for miles and also seen coyotes, big horn sheep, rabbits, pigeons, rattlesnakes and rare species of hawks. I have personally seen all these creatures in the park and they all call this place home. I found this particular family of deer crossing my literal path in the late spring time. While the wildlife in this park are leery of people they have grown accustomed to our presence and learned know how to navigate around us.

Want to see something other than pigeons on your visit? Get here early to watch the sunrise and walk around the park for about an hour before the sun sets. That’s when the critters like to roam.


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