Marmot Swagger



I love marmots. These cute balls of fur seem to have very little fear of humans, which makes them relatively easy to photograph with the right lens. This particular marmot took it to an entirely new level. Not only did he not fear me, he approached me with a swagger that left me concerned for the wide camera lens that I was using and my fingers.

I found him hanging around the Lake of Glass on my return trip from the hike up to Sky Pond inside Rocky Mountain National Park. I approached him cautiously, because I feared he would run. He wasn’t the first marmot I had approached that day, but he was the first to approach me. As I neared he became fidgety. I snapped some photos and he decided I was not a threat and started posing for me. He is probably used to getting food from humans, but I like to think that he saw his reflection in my lens and liked what he saw.

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  1. Jo Anne Miles says:

    Cute little fellow and beautiful scenery!

    1. Jake says:

      Yeah. That was a good day.

  2. Dionne Bee says:

    LOL! Cute!

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