Lesser Goldfinch

Lesser Goldfinch

The Lesser Goldfinch seems no lesser to me than any other golden finch, but alas, it is the name that man in our infinite wisdom has given to this brightly colored bird. I like his mohawk… do you think that is bed head or is he using product? 🙂 I found this stunning specimen of the Lesser variety perched in a tree and singing on a bright blue Colorado summer day at Castlewood Canyon State Park.

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  1. Karen Annie says:

    So beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Love you.

    1. momentsbeyond says:

      Thanks Karen. Love you!

  2. Larry Z B says:

    Beautiful image with the bright yellow bird set against a blue sky.
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    1. momentsbeyond says:

      Thanks. Right place, right time with my 300mm lens.

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