Red-tailed Hawk’s Eye

Hawk's Eye
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The Red-tailed Hawk’s eye really pops as he stares me down from about 15′ up in this tree. This may be the best photo I have taken in 2017. It was one of those moments you hear about. I was in the right place, with the right piece of gear and with perfect natural lighting conditions coming from below and above due to clear skies and fresh snow.

Jennifer and I were out for a snowy stroll at a local park not too far from our home. I had been flying the drone and Jennifer was lugging around my heavy 300mm lens. I had a close encounter with a Red Tailed Hawk trying to take out my drone mid-flight and so I called it a day. As we approached the car we saw this gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk sitting in a tree near the parking lot. I grabbed the 300mm lens and cautiously approached the ever-watchful hawk. The cautious creature allowed me to walk up to the base of the tree and circle around to the sunny side. I was taking shots the entire way. Another group of hikers also spotted the beautiful creature and luckily approached the situation with as much caution as I had done. We must have spent about 10 minutes with the spectacular bird before he took flight leaving us far behind. I wonder if he was the same creature that had attempted to down my drone?

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