Laser Focus

Laser Focus.jpgIs there any wonder as to why this bird is known as the Great Blue Heron? These giant birds are gorgeous and have a very distinctive look. They appear to have a sole laser tight focus, staring off in a specific direction for seemingly never-ending amounts of time.

This one didn’t seem at all concerned by my nearby presence. He only seemed interested in keeping his laser tight focus locked in on the water below, undoubtably looking for his next meal. The only time he would break away from his long stony stare into the sea would be to stretch out his s-shaped neck and clap his beak or do a type of howl. He did this both towards the air and down towards the water. I’m not sure if it was a display of territorial dominance to show me who was boss or if he was trying to impress the other Blue Heron that was eyeing him from behind.

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