Gone Nuts!

Gone Nuts

Just in case you are wondering, yes, this image is being displayed right-side up. I’m not sure what compelled this little squirrel to hang upside down from the twig to pull off the pine cone. It looked to be a daring heist. It would have seemed more logical to go after the one on top of the branch, but in truth he took that one too.

It was a funny sight to see when this little guy started pulling the pine cones off the tree limb and allowed them to fall fifteen feet or so to the hard rock slab surface below. He then swiftly made his way down the tree, gathered his spoils and I can only assume that he headed home. All this while many tourists wondered about, oblivious to his presence. This squirrel made his daring dinner run at one of the most visited spots in Rocky Mountain National Park, the area of Alberta Falls. I always find it interesting to see wildlife going about their natural wild lives in such proximity to large numbers of humans. Then again we pretty much populate every square inch of this planet, so I guess they don’t really have a choice.

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