Elk Invasion

Elk Invasion

It’s that time of year again when the elk invasion of Estes Park, Colorado takes place. These massive creatures, a part of the deer family, never really leave the small mountain town and gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, but during the mating season (aka: The Rut) they show up in droves. Elks tend to travel in packs, but during the rut the bulls heard their harems together and take on other male challengers.

The residents of Estes Park take the whole thing in stride and why shouldn’t they, this kind of natural spectacle fuels their economy. Still it must be odd to have these bulls fighting in your backyard. This is really the elk’s dominion, we humans are the outsiders.


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  1. MARK HYRE says:

    great photo. speaks to our spreading out into what was their environment though. I enjoy your photos, Mark

    1. momentsbeyond says:

      Thanks Mark.

  2. Linda Davis aka MOM says:

    Will they still be there when we come up in late September?

    1. momentsbeyond says:

      We will probably see them, but probably not in the herd sizes they are in now.

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