Elk Bugle



This massive bull elk sends out a deep bugle call to its harem in the midst of the rut (mating season). I watched this bull rather comically pick a fight with the pine tree behind him, thrashing the limbs with his deadly antlers. Elks are the largest animal in the deer family. They regrow their antlers every year over the summer months in order to be ready for the rut in the fall. They rub their antlers against trees to remove the velvet fur from them to prepare to battle other bulls for mating rights.

How did the Bull Elk cross the road? A slow stroll.

They are impressive creatures that thrive within Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding area. I found this one in the Moraine Park area of Rocky Mountain National Park surrounded by a large harem of female elk and gawking tourists who at times were way too close.

Elk jumps a retaining fence while onlookers look on too closely.

I know that I look like I was probably too close, but I shot these with a 300mm lens, not my cell phone like that idiot in the photo on the right. I wasn’t that close.

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