Dust Bath



This elephant sprays a cloud of dust to cool off in the heat of the day.

Elephants never forget. This is a popular saying that most of us have probably heard. The implication is that the world’s largest land animal is also very smart and remembers everything. They do have the largest brain of any land creature on the planet and have been observed displaying knowledge based on their roaming habits and interactions with one another and humans.


I found this particular pachyderm attempting to cool off in the heat of the day by spraying a dust coating over his massive body in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater. Until I came across this massive creature I didn’t realize they did this. Pretty smart! I’ve seen them spray water from their trunks in the zoo, but to see this one use dirt to coat and protect its skin in its natural environment was incredible. They seem like gentile, roaming giants, but as the locals will tell you, don’t get too close as they can be untrusting and irritable creatures who attack first to ward off potential threats.

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