Sugarite Nuthatch



My wife and I found this Nuthatch perched over our campsite at Sugarite Canyon State Park in New Mexico. This is a beautiful area of the country located near the Colorado and New Mexico border. We came down to see the ancient Capulin Volcano located nearby. Sugarite is one of the few places around this area that has tent camping sites. The park is very nice and the areas are well maintained. The park has some very interesting mining history that can be explored and a gorgeous recreational reservoir with many trails to wander.

We loved our time at the Capulin Volcano and I would really like to go back and see the ladybug migration. It looks incredible! Sadly my wife has a bizarre ladybug phobia so I will have to find a time to go by myself. Seriously, she F.R.E.A.K.S out… she is fine with almost every other bug out there, but ladybugs put her over the edge. We all have our thing… mine is spiders, but I think that is a bit more legitimate.

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