Camp Robber

Camp Robber - Gray Jay

This is perhaps my favorite bird. Not as majestic as the Eagle or well known as the California Condor, the Grey Jay even has a bland name. I prefer their common name and the infamous moniker of the Camp Robber. These medium-sized birds are seemingly fearless. It is very common to have these feathered creatures swoop in while you are enjoying a meal on the trail to see if you will leave some food unattended. They will gladly remove it for you keeping the forest clean.

Feeding a Camp Robber

If you are brave enough these wild creatures will even steal food out of the palm of your hand. In fact, Jennifer and I were enjoying a lunch stop when this little guy swooped in and landed on this tiny branch about three feet above our heads. He proceeded to land in the palm of another hiker. While this is very cool, make sure you are only feeding these creatures healthy, natural food that they will find in the wild. The other hiker was feeding him crappy processed trail bars with chocolate in them… not cool.

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