A Quandary Creature

A Quandary CreatureSometimes when you are out on the trail you are blessed with encounters with creatures that are hard to truly grasp in the moment. For years, living in the western United States, I have sought out all types of wildlife, but for a long time I was unable to find the elusive Rocky Mountain goat. Jennifer and I finally came across a pack of them in Glacier National Park, but they were pretty far off the trail and I couldn’t get very good photos. Still we had found them and I felt good about the encounter. Then we came across this Quandary Creature.

When we started planning to summit Quandary Peak in Colorado I had read that Quandary had a pack of Mountain Goats living on it. I had heard similar stories about other places with no sightings so I didn’t think much of it, but took my 100mm lens just in case. I didn’t realize that my wide lens would be fine. I took this photo with my wide-angle lens and this curious creature cautiously approached my lens as if mesmerized by his reflection in the lens. It was a surreal, other worldly experience that I won’t soon forget. I’ve never had a large creature like this approach in the wild. I can sometimes slowly approach, but never the other way around. This guy made it almost too easy.

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