World’s Largest Wall of Falling Water

World's Largest Wall of Falling WaterAt over a mile wide and 354 feet tall this is the world’s largest wall of falling water. It is Victoria Falls in Africa as seen from the Zimbabwe side of the falls. This natural wonder nearly defies explanation. The massive amount of water of the Zambezi River plummets into a scar in the earth’s surface known as the First Gorge. The sound that this much water makes while falling 35 stories and pounding the rocks at the bottom of the gorge is deafening. It produces a cloud of “smoke” that rises high above the African landscape. This cloud can be seen for miles around, long before one can see the falls themselves. The natives called this place “The Smoke That Thunders.” Poetic and accurate. I like it better than Victoria Falls.

For many years I dreamed of visiting this unique landscape. It did not disappoint. It is an amazing experience to see this kind of raw power in nature. I hope to return to this truly amazing wonder of the natural world again someday.

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