What Lies Beneath…

What Lies Beneath.jpgAs someone who fears water, she can’t see the bottom of, I was terrified of hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park. But, I also wanted to do the hike so bad! So I went—survived—and it was amazing.
Jennifer in the Narrows
Me at a far more acceptable water level in The Narrows.

My husband and I spent two full days making our way through the slot canyon with the Virgin River as our trail. I would do anything to avoid the water… Which is really ironic when the river is the path and, you know, in a slot canyon so there are rock walls on either side. The harder route? You got it.

I forget exactly where it was, but there was a section of the trail on Day 2 that was rather deep with no way around it, and for this reason, I remember it well—with an intense amount of anxiety and a good bit of happiness as it was beautiful. At 5’6”, the water was well up over my waist and I clung to my husband walking in front of me. I did this mostly so I couldn’t see in front of me as he used the hiking pole to test the depth of the water and follow the curving sand bar. My favorite… watching him tip forward as the pole plunged into the water and saying, “Nope. Not there!” OMG.
My heart is racing and I’m pretty sure there’s something called hysterical laughter that should put me in therapy, but I’m so glad I did it.

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