Timberline Falls

timberline-fallsHigh in Rocky Mountain National Park lies the beautiful alpine Lake of Glass. Just before you arrive at the lake you have to scramble your way up the edge of Timberline Falls. So named because of the 100′ waterfall that sits near the mountain’s tree line.

After the Icy Brook Creek leaves the Lake of Glass it meanders through a high alpine meadow before going over the 100′ plunge. It then continues steeply down the mountainside over a series of cascades that drop another 200′ or so on its way into the valley and on to The Lock, another subalpine lake.

The snowfield below Timberline Falls.

When my wife and I arrived at the fairly steep 200′ climb up to the falls in late June it was still completely covered in deep snow. Hikers had created foot holes on the way up that made climbing easier although only marginally. They had also created butt slides for the way back down… this could have been done unintentionally 🙂 In Colorado, it’s best to come prepared for all circumstances at any time of year. I really wish we had brought our Yaktrax. This is a lesson I am constantly relearning.

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