Timberline Falls Cascade

Timberline Falls Cascade

The 8.1 mile round trip hike to Timberline Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park is a strenuous one, but as you can see, well worth the effort. This is a view looking away from the 100′ high waterfalls and across the landscape as the Icy Brook Creek cascades  200′  towards The Lock (the lake in the upper left corner). That lake is also a stop on this trail and could be a destination on its own.

My favorite photos are ones that include depth. Photos where you feel like the landscape is moving or that it draws your eyes to follow the movement of photo from so-close-you-could-touch-it to enormous mountains scaled down by their sheer distance. Photos that make you feel small.

I’m not gonna lie, this is a hard hike and often parts of it are still covered in feet of snow come July. Sky Pond is typically the final destination of this hike and it’s a bit further beyond Timberline Falls. The falls looks like it could be the end, but you’ll see a small wooden sign pointing “up” to Sky Pond. Yep, that 20 foot semi-vertical climb on slippery wet rocks is your next accomplishment. It really is one of the best hikes in the state of Colorado.

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