Tidal Boulders


In this photo, the Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand’s South Island are pounded by the early morning’s crashing waves. My wife and I added in a visit to these incredible natural occurrences very late in our planning process for our New Zealand adventure. A good friend suggested that they were worth a visit, so we squeezed them into our itinerary, and I am so glad we did.

We were there at a great time when the tide was high and the weather perfect. Being that we are the sort of people who love exploring unusual, secluded places this was a highlight. We walked onto the beach in the early predawn hours with only a hand full of photographers already in the surf with the massive boulders. I threw down my bag, grabbed my camera and tripod and went into the rather chilly water. My wife took a seat on the edge of the beach next to the steep cliff and started to take it all in when a big wave came crashing in and swept away one of her shoes. I watched her go splashing into the surf. She did catch it, but it was soaked and we don’t travel with extras. She powered through a very long day in the damp footwear. My shoes got soaked the next day when we walked through a bog. Mine aren’t waterproof like hers. Just a part of getting out there and seeing the world.

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