Sunset on Open Water

Sunset on Open Water

A beautiful view of the setting sun to close out the day after a full day of exploring the tiny Caribbean island of Martinique. I’m not a huge fan of cruises because I’d much rather spend more time at the destinations engrossing myself in the culture. Fourteen hours in a place is hardly enough time to get a sense of the culture. However, for the money you can’t see nearly as many islands as you can with an eastern Caribbean cruise. Plus, if you avoid the cruise’s over priced excursions you can get out amongst the locals and at least get a taste of what these places are truly like. Another great thing about cruises is being out on the open ocean as the sun sets and seeing nothing but water in all directions… that is pretty cool.

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  1. My wife on her travels has some times captured beautiful sunsets over the water either in Mexico at the beach (Pacific Coast) or while on a cruise ship at sea. Very beautiful effect when sky, sun and water are all in play.

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