Sunset on Cascade Creek

Sunset on Cascade Creek

In the heart of New Zealand’s Fjordland National Park and along the road to the Milford Sound lies a campground on Cascade Creek. We parked here for the night before heading through the tunnel to the Milford Sound the following day. It was rainy as we pulled into the campground, which is more of a gravel road that becomes lined with RVs and campervans every evening. There are outhouses to use, but no sinks.

Cleaning Dishes in Cascade Creek

We found ourselves washing our dinner dishes in the creek. This is an odd thing because in most of the world you don’t do this as it can attract big animals to your campsite. It wasn’t until we got to this point we realized the freedom Kiwis have in being outdoors as they have no large predators to worry about. Perhaps this is why so many New Zealanders are avid outdoorsman.

Magic Hour

Despite the lack of amenities in the campground or perhaps enhanced by the lack of those amenities, we found this place to be magical. As the rain cleared, the clouds thinned, and the sun lit up what was left. The warm water from the creek condensed as the air-cooled creating the low lying fog which set in for the evening. The sunset lived up to the photography term known as the magic hour. Experiences like this one are why we travel.

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