Sunset In Paradise


SunsetInParadiseLife seems to move at a slower pace when living on an island. Yet, life’s ability to overcome disaster can be seemingly quick and simultaneously painfully slow.

I took this image almost a year to the day after typhoon Haiyan devastated the island of Bantayan, like so many of the other islands in the Philippine archipelago. I was told that no tree limbs remained and that all the boats in this area were destroyed during this terrifying display of nature’s raw power. A year later, the trees seen in this photo had recovered leaving little sign of the previous devastation. Harder to see in this image is the number of small boats hidden in the shadows, but they lined this small coast line. A sign of the Filipino people’s resolve to rebuild, recover, and live on. Life seems to have taken less than a year to recover, but for those left behind by the countless lost to the storm, their lives will never fully recover. They bear the scars of loss, but with each passing sunset those scars fade if only just a little and life continues to slowly recover.

We are a resilient species and tragedy is the universal condition we all eventually suffer from. I struggle with the bleakness of this post, but this experience and subsequently this beautiful image is a great reminder to me that life is short. Stuff if destroyed can be replaced and really doesn’t matter. People are the irreplaceable parts of our lives. So enjoy each sunrise and sunset that you are blessed to spend with those you love. Continue to live, love, and help those who suffer, for tomorrow may be the day that you need help to recover.

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