Stolen Sunrise



Welcome to 2017! I’m glad we all made it. 🙂

I took this picture while hiking the Abel Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand. I woke up bright and early the day after I got to see the amazing full moon rising and made my way to the beach in Bark Bay. My wife slept in and, wow, she missed a beautiful sunrise. I had the whole beach to myself for a little while until a Japanese girl joined me on the secluded beach. She started following me around with her camera phone (on a selfie-stick) and taking all the photos I took in the exact same spots. I must admit that it was a bit annoying, but this place was so magical it didn’t bother me.

The campground is right on the edge of the beach and there is a family who lives in a little yellow house nearby. Today, this is part of Abel Tasman National Park, but when the park was established there were already people living within the park boundary. They were grandfathered in and still live on the land. I observed the daughter of this family scrounging through the water with a small bucket looking for mussels and other appetizing treats. Later that night her whole family was putting out fishing nets. I think they got a good meal as I found a shark’s head the next morning when I went out for this sunrise. I must admit that I am more than a little jealous of this family’s lifestyle.

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