North Shore Sunset

North Shore SunsetAnother summer day and another post about a far-flung Caribbean Island…. Maybe I am projecting towards where I want to be right now. I took this sunset photo on Jamaica’s North Shore about half way between Montego Bay and Falmouth. There is a little restaurant here and not much else. It is really only a kitchen with some outdoor seating.

They pull fresh fish, shrimp, crabs, and whatever else they can get out of the ocean daily. They shove it in a cooler on ice. Each night customers are invited into the cinderblock kitchen and treated to a peek inside the cooler. You pick out what you want and they cook it up. The shrimp I had was marinated in a spicy sauce that blew me away. The flavors were out of this world good.

Like so often is the case when traveling, the closer you can get to the source of the food, the better it is going to taste. I find that these places are normally off the beaten track. You can’t get much closer than this to seafood. In fact, as Jennifer and I pulled the heads of the shrimp, we tossed them back into the ocean where a blue crab polished them off. Feeding dinner for the next night with scraps… paradise.

Inside the kitchen. That is our fish cooking in the pan and the best shrimp ever in the foil.

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