Lake Aviemore

Lake Aviemore

New Zealand is full of beautiful lakes and Lake Aviemore on the South Island is no exception. Many of the South Island lakes are better known because of their blue glacial silt water and location in the Southern Alps, but I found Aviemore to be just as stunning.

We drove through this area on our way to Oamaru during the autumn months in the southern hemisphere. The orange and yellow that lined the lake popped against the blue sky above and the blue water below. The landscape in this area of New Zealand is a bit more desolate than in other areas and the trees only seem to grow near the water. Even so I really enjoyed this drive down highway 83.

Gas stations in the interior parts of the South Island are sparse. We traversed the interior three times on our visit and ran low on gas all 3 times. I rolled into one gas station with less than 10 miles left in the tank. All that to say that if you are planning a trip from coast to coast then fill up before you head across.

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