Moeraki Dawn



Guest blogger… my wife. (still my photo)¬†ūüôā

It’s amazing the number of unique, hidden places my husband finds for our must-do travel list. It also never fails that these must-do items require us to get up before the sun (not my favorite thing). The¬†Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand was no exception.

Pulling out of our holiday park (the rented piece of grass for our temporary home on wheels), we drove down normal residential roads, past common stores not yet open, and to a simple¬†gravel parking lot with the beach hiding on the other side. In the dark, we headed down a wooden staircase to the sand and took a left, eventually removing our shoes to avoid getting them soaked in the high tide. About a 1/4 of a¬†mile down the beach we got¬†our first glimpse of the Moeraki Boulders. Despite the dawning¬†light, other photographers where already in place, tripods set, waiting for just the right moment. Jake quickly joined them and I took a seat¬†further back¬†to observe‚ÄĒmy favorite thing to do when Jake is in his element.

This was one of my favorite experiences in New Zealand, being in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by a handful of photographers who knew just the place to be for the quintessential moment. The sun rose and the next 20 minutes were breath-taking. The reflected light on the boulders started out deep purple and reddish-pink, gradually changing to a  golden-yellow and orange hue. I love this photo because it depicts both in the same image. All the photographers were soaked by the ocean, but always did everything they could to protect and dry their camera gear. All for that one, perfect photo.

I’m grateful I got to experience this moment in time with both of my eyes wide open, instead of through a camera lens. But, I’m also grateful for my ocean-soaked husband who caught the moment with his camera so we could always remember our time here, albeit in different ways.





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