Lower Bertha Falls

Jenn at Bertha Falls
Jennifer poses on a rock at the base of Lower Bertha Falls.

Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada is a place of water. A lot of snow falls in this area which melts in the spring and turns into gorgeous waterfalls and turquoise lakes. This is Lower Bertha Falls one of those stunning falls that can be found in Waterton’s backcountry.

Lower Bertha Falls at Waterton National Park

Lower Bertha Falls and its Unique Channel

Lower Bertha Falls is a very unique waterfall that fans out across the rock as it tumbles down the cliff face. (No, the photos are not sideways.) It crashes into the bottom of a “V” like channel and then turns 90 degrees as it makes it way down to Waterton Lake. It is stunning to see how the water has etched its path into this tough stone.

The Fall Water Flow

We were here in the fall so the water flow wasn’t as strong as it can be in the spring. We were able to climb out on the rocks that are, at times, a part of the crashing torrent. I don’t think there is a bad season to visit this gorgeous place.

The Trail to Lower Bertha Falls

The trail to the falls is a very manageable 3.3 miles roundtrip from the main parking area near the Waterton Campground. It has some moderate elevation gain but should be accessible to all ages and skill levels.

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