Indian Peaks Wilderness Creek

Indian Peaks Wilderness CreekImmediately to the south of Rocky Mountain National Park lies the Indian Peaks Wilderness. This is federal land and can be accessed by everyone. It is a place with remote jagged peaks and full of snow in the winter and water in the summer. This remote Indian Peaks Wilderness creek is just one of many unnamed beautiful spots in the backcountry. This area is lush due to all the snow melt.

Unlike Rocky Mountain, if you want to cross over the Continental Divide from one side of the Indian Peaks Wilderness to the other than you must do it on foot. There are no roads that traverse the park. In fact, I only know of one paved road that even enters the park’s land. This is a remote and rugged wilderness that has all the beauty of Rocky Mountain with a fraction of the foot traffic. Still, weekends in the main area can be crowded as this land is well known to those living in the Denver area.

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