Hidden Routeburn Falls



The Routeburn Falls is one of the highlights of the Routeburn Track, located on New Zealand’s South Island. The falls are directly behind the Routeburn Falls Hut, which is a popular spot to overnight while on the trail and one I can’t recommend highly enough.

These falls are a permanent fixture on the high alpine landscape, but when it rains it’s joined by many more temporary falls that surround the hut. It is quiet the sight to wake up after a night of rain to see waterfalls cascading off of the mountains that weren’t there the night before.

If you have ever been to this location you might not recognise this part of the Routeburn Falls as the primary part of the falls are above where this image was taken. To get here, make your way to the helipad area and locate the small trail that leads down into the slot canyon, then wade a few hundred feet in the extremely cold water and you will find yourself rewarded with this view of the lower part of the falls. After you return to the dry hut you should regain feeling in your toes in about half an hour. 🙂

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