Hidden Bay

Hidden Bay

Seeing this photo makes me stop and think, “Wow!” If you were to look up a photo of “paradise,” wouldn’t this type of image come to mind? A hidden bay, surrounded by lush greenery, with blue ocean spreading out to the horizon, capped off with subtle mountains…a paradise.

Jake and I were on Day 4 of 5, backpacking the Able Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand, when we came upon this spot. Honestly, we didn’t have a lot of extra time to waste on this day, getting from Point A to Point B, but we paused here to take in the beauty, snap a few photos, and to think to ourselves, “don’t forget this.” If we ever make it back, I’d love to take a kayak and try to find this hidden bay again. This photo hasn’t been enhanced. It really looked exactly like this—colors, clarity, and all.

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