Glacier’s Iceberg Lake

GlacierNPIceLakeGlacier National Park, in Montana, is home to some of the most stunning landscape in the lower 48 States. I first traveled through this natural wonder when I was 19 while on a road trip from Georgia to Alaska. We only had a day to spend driving through the park, but I swore that I would one day return and hike through the countryside.

In 2013, my wife and I spent four days camping and hiking some of the eastern trails of the park. The Iceberg Lake Trail starts in the Many Lakes area of the park. It is almost 10 miles round trip. The lake itself is obviously beautiful, but the experience we had was even more memorable.

It had been raining for several days and actually snowed on us a little during our hike. As we neared the lake, a boulder gave way on the cliffs above with a thunderous roar. It rolled down the hill crashing through trees. The boulder came to a stop about 45 feet away from us. A terrifying and yet thrilling experience.

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