Fountain Pond

Fountain PondFor lack of a better name this is Fountain Pond found in Fountain Park in the little town of Fountain, Colorado… as far as I know there are no real fountains within the city limits. I like images like this one because they are a reminder to me that beauty can be found all around us and too often we drive by it all the time without seeing it.

Jennifer and I have lived in Colorado Springs for 6.5 years now… It seems like we just moved here. We are big on getting out and discovering our surroundings, but at about five years in we kind of felt like we had discovered all there was to discover in and near the city. Don’t get me wrong we still love exploring the surrounding area, but Colorado Springs itself has become something we hike when family and friends visit.

One day I took off on my mountain bike from the house as I often do and I rode it way too far south, and ended up in this sublime place about 25 miles (one-way) from the house… yep for those counting I road 50 miles on a mountain bike. I didn’t take enough water and my seat isn’t that comfortable. Luckily there are water fountains along the way, but my butt really hurt by the time I managed to roll into the driveway. I liked this area so much that a few weeks later Jennifer and I returned, by car, to explore Fountain Park. It really is a gorgeous little spot, a great place to go birding, and unlike most of the rest of this area of Colorado it does have a fairly abundant amount of water.

Moral to the story is get out and explore your surroundings, otherwise you’ll never know what you might be missing.

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  1. agreed, great picture and good advice. based on this photo you may be interested in a great (old) book by allan ekert called “Wild Season”, similar to what you covered in this picture, also he is a great author of several books written in the 50’s and 60’s, sounds boring i know but is worth checking out, also a book called “A year in the Maine Woods” (different author)

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