Chattahoochee Tributary

Chattahoochee Tributary.jpgThis is a small creek in northern Georgia that eventually flows into the Chattahoochee River on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. If you asked me to take you here, I could not. I found this picturesque scene while tramping through the North Georgia Mountains several years ago.

I am a bit of a nerd. I find nature and the way that she works to be fascinating in her simplicity, and complexity. Humanities very existence relies on water. A substance that, like most who call Georgia home, seems to be overly abundant. Of course its abundant in that water takes up 70% of the surface of the planet and yet most of that would kill us if we consumed it. In the natural system it has to evaporate, collect in clouds, and return to us in the form of rain before it can be of any use to us. That is an over simplification of a complex process. This essential system supports life as we know it. Very few life forms on this planet could exist without water. Perhaps none, as those life forms survival is based on the complex ecosystem of other life forms that need water for their existence. That blows my mind!

It’s a stream. “Big deal.” But, it is! I hope that I will never stop being amazed by this crazy complicated place we all call home.

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