Bridge of Bertha

Bridge of Bertha

This is a view of the waters of Lower Bertha Falls as they pass under the Bridge of Bertha in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada. I took this image from a rock that would have been underwater if the falls had been running at full force, making for a different angle of this stunning area.

I love the unique nature of this waterfall. The way it comes careening down the rock wall into this V-channel and then turns 90 degrees to head down to Waterton Lake is quite unusual. This is one of the many intricacies that nature has produced in the Glacier-Waterton Lakes International Peace Park.

I also appreciate that man’s touch blends so well into this environment. The Bridge of Bertha looks like it could have been there all along and it isn’t so close to the falls that it obstructs their natural beauty.

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