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Two weekends ago my wife and I threw our camping gear in the back of our car and headed towards the mountains of Colorado for a short weekend getaway. We were headed to the largest Aspen forest in Colorado to see the fall colors, in Crested Butte.

Colorado Springs had been very warm the previous few days. Today the morning air was just a bit chilly, but not what I would consider cold. We arrived in Crested Butte, Colorado about four hours later to snow falling. We made our way up Kebler Pass and onto the muddy CO road 12. The fog was thick and the air cold. We attempted several hiking trails, but the mud was too deep. We pushed on to this lake known as the Lost Lake Slough, which is a small reservoir deep in the mountains. We made camp in the thick fog and climbed into our three season tent (not a winter tent) and wrapped up in all the blankets we had and attempted to not freeze to death in the 10-20 degree night air. Needless to say the day wasn’t what we had hoped for.

Oh, but what a difference a day makes! We arose early with the sun to a crisp clear morning and all the hardships and let downs of the day before and the long shivering night faded away with the beautiful rising sun lighting up this gorgeous landscape. This landscape was not really visible the day before. We had caught glimpses of the promise, but no real idea of what surrounded us. It had seemingly magically appeared overnight. It was a spectacular, welcome appearance and all we had hoped for. Pictured here is the East Beckwith Mountain and the West Beckwith Peak reflected with all the colors of Autumn and one of the earliest snows of the season. It made for a perfect, colorful and snowy day in the mountains.

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