Awaroa Inlet

AwaroaInletCrossing the Awaroa Inlet is a part of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand. This unique crossing is only passable within a few hours of low tide and there is no trail around it so one must plan the trip accordingly. My wife and I were surprised to find out that the path across the inlet was primarily comprised of sharp seashells and thousands of tiny crabs. We didn’t bring water shoes in an attempt to lighten our packs, but that was a mistake as we did this barefooted and with heavy packs weighing us down. Even though this was a rather painful experience, it was a very memorable and unique one. Even at low tide we had to wade through nearly knee-deep water in parts. This is where the fresh water stream from the mountains meet the ocean.

LowTideLow tide was at about 5pm when we were there. I went out late at night near high tide and, as you can see in the image below, this entire area was under several feet of water. It is a very drastic change in only a few hours.


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