Upper Cataract


Upper Cataract

This beautiful oasis is known as Upper Cataract Lake. It can be found deep in the Colorado wilderness. The trailhead is located on a well maintained dirt road relatively close to Silverthorne, Colorado. The hike to the lake is a moderate uphill climb of 5.5 miles. This lake has some of the best back-country camping sites I have ever come across. The trail connections in and around the lake could be explored for days. My wife and I came here for her 30th birthday. The most common form of exploration is an out-and-back hike, making for an 11 mile trip, but my wife and I did what is known as the Eaglesmere Loop and added in several other side trips. We ended up exploring 23 miles in less than two days. Do I know how to show a lady a good time on her birthday or what? 🙂

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