I called this image shiver, becauseĀ it is what my wife does when she looks at it.

This small unnamed body of water is at an elevation of about 12,500′ feet along the trail that leads to Ellingwood Point and Blanca Peak in Colorado. Both of these mountains are 14ers. My wife, a friend of ours, and I attempted to summit these peaks earlier this year. It was obviously a little too late in the season.

To access the trail you must first drive the Lake Como Road. It is known as the roughest road in Colorado and can only be fully traversed by the most rugged of off-road vehicles. We only made it about 3 miles up the 9-mile road before we were forced to park and start walking. We hiked almost 9 miles and 5,000 vertical feet before we had to turn back, because of the icy conditions. Even though it was tough and we didn’t summit this was still a spectacular trail.

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