Basin Columbines

I have a lot of favorite flowers, but Columbines are at the top of the list. This photo was taken at Ice Lake Basin in Colorado—a basin Columbine. This trail is still one of my favorite hikes of all time. I recommend Jake’s Ice Lake Basin trail guide so that you can plan your visit…

Ice Lake Basin Trail Guide

We had been hiking for hours through a thunderstorm as well as the rain and hail that came with it. We were soaked to the bone and glad the lightning had never shown. The trail was a deceptively difficult 3.5 miles with 2,500′ of elevation gain, but we had finally arrived at our destination. The Ice…

Frozen Foot Creek

“Frozen Foot” isn’t the official creek name, but rather what my wife and I had after traversing the it barefooted while backpacking in the San Juan Mountains. This is the Lower Ice Lake Basin and one of the best backpacking trips that we’ve ever done. On our hike in the previous day, a violent storm rolled in….

An Icy Memory

My wife and I have had many great adventures over this past year, but looking back, our trip to the Ice Lake Basin was perhaps my favorite. It rained, thundered, and hailed  on us, but it added to the adventure. The scenery was pretty good too.

King’s Crown

This flower is commonly known as the King’s Crown. Like the Queen’s Crown, this beautifully clustered flower is a subalpine species. My wife and I found it while hiking the Ice Lake Basin trail.

Telluride Vista

This is the Telluride Valley in Colorado. The small, isolated town of Telluride is in the remote southwest corner of Colorado. It was a mining town and like so many Colorado mining town has found a second life as a world-class skiing destination. I took this image on the “trail” to Bridal Veil Falls. The trail…

Ice Lake Basin

This is a small, no-name body of water that is located in the upper Ice Lake Basin. It is adjacent to the larger Ice Lake. During the summer months, this entire area in the San Juan Mountains is some of the most gorgeous landscape in all of Colorado.

Icy Reflection

This is another view at the Ice Lake hidden in Colorado’s San Juan Mountain range. This is a reflective look at the 13,000′ peaks that line the lake. It’s one of my favorite hikes in Colorado, but the trail is a strenuous one, especially if you aren’t used to hiking at altitude. Just getting to the trail…

Mist of the Veil

At a height of 365′, Telluride’s Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state of Colorado. As the water crashes into the shallow and rocky creek below, it explodes into a misty cloud. It is wedged into a beautiful spot in the San Juan Mountains. The waterfall completely freezes in the winter—a 365′…

Beautiful Basin

This is the remote Lower Ice Lake Basin in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. This is my favorite backcountry camping spot… so far. My wife and I camped about 50′ from where I took this photo. You see one waterfall coming down from Ice Lake, but there are four other waterfalls that all come off…