Pompeii’s Humanity

I am a huge fan of history. So when I had the chance to go to Italy, I made sure that Pompeii was on my itinerary. I thought I knew the story but this skull gave me clarity on Pompeii’s humanity. The ancient ruins of the city of Pompeii were encapsulated in time by nature’s raw power….

Trevi Fountain

This is the famous Trevi Fountain found in the heart of Rome. An ancient source of water for the Romans, this fountain’s current facade was finished in 1762. That is old for sure, but the water has been flowing in the location for over two millennia, making it the oldest water source in the eternal…

Roman Sunset

These eight columns standing firm in silhouette as the sun sets on yet another day have done so for at least 600,000 days, perhaps as many as 913,000 days. This is what is left of the Temple of Saturn, which was an integral part of the Roman Forum during the Empire’s rule of the known world. The…

Built On Ruin

This is a small section of the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy. It was lost to time by the devastation of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD. The church that sits on top of the now excavated ruins was there before the discovery of the first part of the ruins in 1709. There is something so interesting and intrinsically…

Fount Pantheon

The amount of history that can be seen, touched, and walked on in the city of Rome is astonishing. This is the Pantheon. It was originally constructed around 125 AD on top of a previous temple site. It’s dome roof is an architecturally amazing feat of 2nd century engineering. It was originally dedicated to all the gods, but in the…

Angel of the Night

This angel stands guard on the bridge to Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, Italy. When my wife and I visited here, there was a production crew filming on the bridge and that is why the lighting is so dynamic.

Up or Down?

This is a spiraling staircase in Vatican City. I love great architecture and design. Although this is the way down and to the exit, I think the image begs the question of up or down? Since this is a religious site, that very question might have been the architect’s intention.

Pompeii Theatre

The city of Pompeii, Italy had two theaters and an amphitheater (or “Colosseum”). This is the larger of the two theaters. It could seat 5,000 people.

Guardian Angel

This angel stands guard as the sun sets over Vatican City. I believe the angels stood ready on that day waiting for Christ to call for them. Jesus knew His mission to redeem the world. As the sun set, “it is finished.” Happy Good Friday!

St. Peter’s Basilica

Very few buildings are as iconic as Vatican City’s St. Peter’s Basilica. The art and architecture are a must see. The site of the Basilica is historically very near to where Peter was martyred during the reign of Nero. The Basilica was first commissioned by Emperor Constantine in the year 324 A.D. and construction was completed in 329. Over a thousand…