A Quandary Creature

Sometimes when you are out on the trail you are blessed with encounters with creatures that are hard to truly grasp in the moment. For years, living in the western United States, I have sought out all types of wildlife, but for a long time I was unable to find the elusive Rocky Mountain goat….

High Altitude Staring Contest

Guest blogger – my wife. Meet Fabio’s friends. These mountain goats made an excellent addition to hiking my first 14er (a mountain above 14,000′ in elevation). Quandary Peak is located near Breckinridge, Colorado and features rocky terrain, open meadows, and a beautiful view of the surrounding Rocky Mountains (plus some pretty cool goats). Quandary is…


My wife and I were approached by this rather friendly looking mountain goat, nicknamed Fabio, while stopping for lunch on the summit of Quandary Peak in Colorado. Fabio was a bit of a loner, and he seemed more interested in the people gathered on the mountain top than the other goats down the trail. I…

Goat Gang

A gang of mountain goats stared me down as I was summiting Quandary Peak in Colorado. These creatures are amazing and majestic animals that have the ability to not only survive but thrive in environments that would quickly kill humans.

Quandary Goat

My wife and I were approached by this rather inquisitive and photogenic mountain goat while having lunch on the summit of Quandary Peak in Colorado. We nicknamed him Fabio. Quandary Peak is one of Colorado’s beloved 14ers. According to 14ers.com the mountain was given its name when early prospect miners found a mineral on the mountain that they…


Merry Christmas! This is a day to be with family and to celebrate what has been done for us. Jesus came to Earth to be our sacrifice, the lamb of God, and subsequently or redeemer and Savior. We didn’t deserve the gift we were given and there isn’t anything we could do to deserve it. We have a creator…

Illiterate Animal

Happy April Fools Day everyone! It’s hard to play a practical joke with an image, but I thought the day at least warranted a funny picture. This was taken at the entrance to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. That mountain goat is such a rule breaker.