Hong Kong’s Orchid

Hong Kong and the surrounding islands are very tropical and home to many beautiful species of flowers. This is the Orchid Bauhinia flower, which is represented on the flag of Hong Kong. It is the national flower of the region. My wife and I were only there for three days, but found this flower in abundance…

Hong Kong’s Dragon

The dragon has a lot of meaning to the Chinese people. However, I don’t think it correlates to the dragonfly. I did take this picture on one of the islands near Hong Kong. I personally love insect photography because it shows us a world that we see everyday, but rarely really see because it moves so…

Thanksgiving Berries

Tomorrow is a national holiday in the States—a national celebration of Thanksgiving. This image makes me think of the colorful atmosphere of the holiday, even though I took it in Hong Kong and I am fairly certain these berries aren’t something that should be consumed. Thanksgiving is a celebration of different people coming together to rejoice and…

Dragon’s Steps

As you near the terminus for the Dragon’s Back trail, near Big Wave Beach in Hong Kong, you will find yourself on this steep staircase surrounded by lush vegetation. It is an odd place. It’s only a 30 minute drive from one of the world’s most densely populated cities and yet it feels so far removed that…


This isn’t the first time I have posted a picture of this kind of flower, but since my first post I have discovered that these Hong Kong beauties are known as Bougainvillea flowers.

Simple Beauty

The beauty of this flower and the way it stands out against the blue sky needs no words. It’s simply beautiful. This was taken on Lamma Island near Hong Kong.

Original Standout

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I dedicate this photo to my wonderful mother who is truly unique and special to me. I really love the contrast of this photo. Be original and standout.

Imperfect Beauty

I took this picture on Hong Kong Island. Something had eaten its way through the flower and the spiders may have gotten whatever it was. The flower is still beautiful despite the imperfections.

Stanley’s Flowers

I have seen this particular flower a lot in my travels, but I don’t know its name. If you do, please let me know. This image was taken in early November on Hong Kong Island. More specifically it was taken on the secluded beach in Ma Hang Park, located in the town of Stanley. If you are ever in the…