Nomadic Life – Week 20 – The Outer Banks

Nomadic Life – Week 20 – The Outer Banks Nomadic Life – Week 20  started out with a long weekend in North Carolina’s barrier islands known as the Outer Banks. I drove this picturesque stretch of road over fifteen years ago and it was high on my list of places to return to in our nomadic life….

Sunning Shag

What surprised me the most about the Able Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand was how absolutely gorgeous every section was of our 5-day backpacking trip. One minute you’re overlooking the surrounding bays from the treetops, the next you’re ducking under a thick array of Beech trees where the sky and water are barely visible, the…

Beach Beauty

This is a beautiful beach on the west side of the Jamaican island. This serene location is an idyllic Caribbean getaway.

PCB Sunset

I called Panama City Beach my home for several summers. I worked at a camp where this was the view from our fourth floor balcony in an old run down hotel. These were some of the best days of my life and where I met some of the best people who I have been privileged to…

Sandy Snail

I found this small snail making its way slowly across the beach on Bantayan Island in the Philippines. It was early, just before the sun rose, and I was on my way to the ferry-boat to return to Cebu Island. Several of these snails, some small crabs, and myself seemed to be the only things…

Jagged-tooth Shell

I found this jagged-tooth looking seashell on a small remote beach of the Philippine Sea while on a day trip snorkeling adventure from the main Island of Cebu. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and, seeing as how nothing was living in it, I brought it home and adorned a shelf with it. It helps me…

Filipino Paradise

This is a photograph taken at the midpoint of one of the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippine nation. This tiny island is very near to the much larger Cebu island. All the homes that are on this island are in the photo. At the time, the locals were in the process of building a boat….