Arches Scaled

Arches National Park is home to some colossal rock formations—carved by water, wind, and time. The scale of the rock arches can be hard to fathom. That is why I love this photo. The size of this rock formation (Double Arch) can really be visualized when my wife’s silhouette is used as a reference. This…

Arches Flower

Arches National Park’s rock formations are beautiful and well known, but the few flowers that grow in this desert climate can be as equally stunning.

La Sal Storm

The snow-capped La Sal Mountains seem very odd in the desert environment of the Colorado Plateau near Moab, Utah. The streaking clouds of heavy rain appear to point to the snowy peaks below, highlighting their beauty in a magical way.

Desert Skin

Deserts are harsh environments that are often teaming with resilient life forms. This thick-skinned Juniper tree stands near the trail to Sand Arch in Arches National Park. The Park lies in the mist of the Colorado Plateau a large desert area that spans Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Delicate Reflection

I wrote last month about how much I like the hike to Delicate Arch inside Arches National Park. The angle seen here is a bit harder to capture. A thunderstorm rolled through and caused my wife and I too have to abandon our first attempt to make it up the trail, but it was a blessing in disguise….