Starry Sunset



Happy Independence Day!

I accidentally posted this image last week so forgive me for the redo, but I think it is a perfect image for the celebration of our nation’s birth. I believe this day can be a celebration for all people because it is a celebration of the idea of individual rights and freedom. It celebrates the kind of freedom to make our own individual choices and be governed not out of obligation or tradition, but representative choice. It isn’t always perfect, but I believe that in the course of human history it is the best the world has yet seen.

This image of the setting sun represents the end of the old oppressive rule of the few over the many, and the rise of the limitless possibilities of individual freedom. Those possibilities for each individual being as numerous as the stars above.

Not to diminish the romanticism I’ve built around this image, but this isn’t actually of the setting sun… It is the light pollution over the small nearby town of Coaldale, Colorado. I do love the way the thin layer of clouds confine the light pollution and allow the stars to come alive above. I took this image on a gravel road outside of Coaldale while on a camping trip. It was actually hailing on me in this spot, but I think the clouds add to the magnificence of the image.

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